Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto's Email Hijacked

A hacker using the name of Jeffrey is claiming to be having control of the email of the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. He also stated that he obtained information about Nakamoto that could be used to identify him. Jeffrey posted a pastebin document where it was written that he is offering to trade Nakamoto’s personal data for 25 Bitcoins. He provided his Bitcoin address for those interested and also added two screenshot of the inbox of the email hijacked.
Message on pastebin:
Releasing the so called "gods" dox if my address hits 25 BTC.
And no, this is not a scam, you can see the below screenshots for proof of inbox ownership and a little teaser.
BTC:[account removed]
Same one posted on p2pfoundation^
Teasers:[images link removed]

It is still unclear how Jeffrey took over the email of Satoshi Nakamoto. Through this email address, the hacker seems to have taken control of different other accounts. On Monday he posted a message on the P2P Foundation forum where the following was written,
Dear Satoshi. Your dox, passwords and IP addresses are being sold on the darknet. Apparently you didn't configure Tor properly and your IP leaked when you used your email account sometime in 2010. You are not safe. You need to get out of where you are as soon as possible before these people harm you. Thank you for inventing Bitcoin.

On Monday itself, the head administrator of Bitcointalk discussion forum stated that he received a message from an old email of Satoshi which led him to believe that the account had been compromised.
Today I received an email from (Satoshi's old email address), the contents of which make me almost certain that the email account is compromised. The email was not spoofed in any way. It seems very likely that either Satoshi's email account in particular or in general was compromised, and the email account is now under the control of someone else. Perhaps expired and then someone else registered it.
Don't trust any email sent from unless it is signed by Satoshi. (Everyone should have done this even without my warning, of course.)
I wonder when the email was compromised, and whether it could have been used to make the post on (Edit: I was referring here to the Dorian Nakamoto post. After I posted this, there was another post.)

Pastebin Document:
P2P Foundation Forum Message: [Click Here!]
BitcoinTalk Forum Statement: [Click Here!]

Source: WIRED


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