Beware of Fake British Airways ‘Your Flight Ticket Not Activated’ Scam Email Distributing Malware

An email pretending to be from British Airways, title as Your flight ticket is not activated yet, is at the moment in circulation. The email contains a zip file which contains malware installer.
This email is not from British Airways and we advise recipients not to open it. This email claims that your air flight ticket has not yet been activated and to activate it, you are advice to download the zip attachment. Once you open the zip file, you will find a file with .exe extension and if you open the .exe file, you can install the malware on your device. Malwares usually collect personal and sensitive information such as password and usernames. They can also install other unwanted programs.

We request all those who received the email to ignore and delete it. Those who already opened the .exe file,  update your antivirus and do a complete scan of your device and change all your login credentials.

Source:[Hoax Slayer]


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