Bell Canada Hacker Arrested and Charged

Last Friday the police arrested a teen hacker, who they believed is a member of the hacktivist group called NullCrew. This arrest was carried out in relation to the hacking incident which took place in February 2014 where a third party IT supplier of Bell telecommunications company was targeted.
During an interview, a representative of the group stated that they did inform Bell about this vulnerability but nothing was done. They exploited it and were able to get access to customer's information. In a press release from Bell Canada, it was announced that a total of 22421 usernames and passwords of Bell small-business customers had been posted on the Internet the previous weekend. There were also 5 valid credit cards which were leaked.

The teenager has been changed with one count of unauthorized use of computer and two counts of mischief in relation to data.

Source:[Click Here!]
The NullCrew Interview: [Click Here!]


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