Saudi Arabian Government Planning To Recruit Ethical Hackers

Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s National Information Center is planning to recruit ethical hackers to help in protecting the country’s network. Dr. Zaidan Al-Enezi, external affairs coordinator at the center, said "These hackers will undergo training to transform their abilities into productive energy, and some hackers are proficient in hacking websites only and do not have the capability of hacking programmed networks,"

Hackers who have targeted government websites or systems will not be recruited. Al-Enezi pointed out that employing hackers is not 100% effective but still encourages government bodies and universities to employ ethical hackers (security experts) to protect their system."The center has the ability to track down the source of hacking attempts, and such information is then relayed to the Interpol, supported by evidence, so they may track down the culprits," he added.

Source:[Saudi Gazette]


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