Dendroid Tool Can Turn Android App Into Malware

Security researchers from Symantec discovered a new tool which can turn application into remote access Trojan(RAT). This Trojan is designed to target android devices only.This application was developed by a person using the codename of "Soccer" and was selling his creation for $300 in underground forums. "Soccer" also promised a 24/7 support for those using his developed RAT.
Dendroid is a HTTP RAT having a sophisticated PHP panel, and an application APK binder package. This binder has many features,once the RAT is bind to an application which is then installed on an Android device,  it can delete call logs, call a phone number, open web pages, record calls and audio, intercept messages, take and upload photos and videos, open applications, initiate DOS and change the C&C server.
Experts believe that the developer of this application has been assisted by the creator of the AndroRAT binder.
Read More From Source:[Symantec]


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