Beware of PayPal Phishing Scam 'Your Transaction was Declined'

An email is at the moment in circulation and is pretending to be from PayPal. The email states that a transaction has been declined because the account seems unusual.As such, the receiver of the email must confirm their account details for security reasons. The email contain a PayPal logo and looks professional which give the impression that the email is genuine. The email ask the recipient to open the attached file and to fill the form to confirm the information they provided at the the time they created their account. By providing all the information, the scammers collect all the login information and also the financial details. After providing the login details on the fake PayPal login page, they are directed to another page to provide personal and contact details.

After completing all the forms, the user will be taken to a confirmation page stating that they successfully restored access to their account.
We ask our readers to be vigilant and if ever you think you have been victim of the scam,change your password immediately and contact your bank.

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