Beware of cPanel 'Account Verification' Phishing Scam

Website owners and managers, be careful. An email pretending to be from website hosting control system cPanel is at the moment in circulation.The message in the mail goes as follows:
Subject: Your cPanel Account VerificationDear client,
Our Technical Services Department are carrying out a planned software upgrade. Please login to re-confirm your account.
To login, please click the link below:
This instruction has been sent to all our customers and is obligatory to follow.
Thank you,
Customers Support Service.

When users click on the login link, they are sent to a fake website where they are asked to put their cPanel login details. When they click on the 'log in' button, they will receive a message stating that they successfully confirmed their accounts. These credentials are collected by cyber criminals and are used to hijacked websites and accounts to host other fake websites.
We strongly advise our readers not to provide login credentials to untrusted urls.

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