Anonymous Video Statement on GCHQ's War

Recently the Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) used DDOS attack to disrupt Anonymous' communication channel. As such, the hacktivist released a video statement regarding this issue of GCHQ's war against Anonymous.At the time of publishing, the video already had over 2000 views.

Greetings GCHQ, we are Anonymous,
While imitation is the greatest form of flattery, we have some concerns. With tax payer purchased botnet lasers firing on privately owned networks, we have to wonder if the laws and criminal courts will incarcerate those responsible? You try to sail with us, but your fleets can't even comprehend staying afloat. Little leaky boats sunk by the USS Snowden. No longer can you hide behind the "anonymity" of your "Top Secret" document. You really do idolize us, don't you?
The Top Secret slide show states that 80% of users didn't return to IRC a month after your attack on a private network and the conclusion was overwhelmingly 'jolly good, cheerio' at GCHQ declaring it a success.
We don't need to explain to you where the over 9000% of us who are still left went, it is beyond GCHQ's understanding, seemingly. Hint; there are other, better forms of Anonymous communications. Moreover, GCHQ documents reveal that they still do not understand our "idea."
Distributed Denial of Service attacks are illegal in most countries, yet we are sure that the operatives that attacked our private chat network will see no jury or trial because they are the government. When a government takes down a network, it is in the name of freedom and democracy; when citizens do it, it is cyber terrorism. GCHQ, you might have just stirred up something you will not be able to control, making DDoS a valid tool via your example. Thank you. We will also make sure to bring this up in any future court cases involving this form of protest, since GCHQ has validated it as a "technique that can aid in awareness."
Our freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and right to assembly is covered under the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Blatantly, GCHQ and other western security agencies around the globe disregard our freedoms and the laws their very government set up, yet they use Anonymous' own methods of protest to try and silence us. Dictator much?
We are Anonymous.
We are legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget.
Now that we truly know who it was who attacked us,
Expect all of us.


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