Beware of Fake Aureus University Recruitment and Liaison Services Email

Experts have discovered a phishing email circulating and pretending to be from Aureus University School of Medicine Admissions Office.The email contains link which leads to a fake website. Cyber criminals behind this scam have used real address and phone number of the university to get more victims.The email content goes as follows,

I believe you are well ! Kindly View the
document I uploaded for you using Google
drive CLICK HERE and sign in securely
to view, It's very Important.


Aureus University School of Medicine
Admissions Office

21-00 Route 208 South

Suite 220

Fairlawn, NJ 07410

Tel: 201-773-8880

When clicking on the link provided, victims are directed to a website identical to that of Google Drive where they are asked to enter their personal information.Once the information are entered,these are sent to the cybercriminals and the victim is redirected to the original Google Drive login page.

We advise our readers to ignore these kind of emails and always check if the websites you are being redirected to is secures(https).

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