9 British Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

During the weekend, Pakistani hacker using the codename of Khan defaced 9 British websites. Among these, one is a government website (taith.gov.uk). The hacker uploaded the same deface page on each of the website. He stated the reason for this defacement on the page itself.At the time of publishing, all the websites were already restored. Mirrors of how they look during defacement has been provided below.
Message the hacker posted on the defacement page:
"You Dont See My last activiy when i hacked customs russia intelligence website
today i am again with same message uk goverment deciding Ban Hijab for muslim womens what the hell is this! when your womens wear underware and come out of home beaches, road, you said this is freedom ? this is no problem ? but when our ladies , sisters , mothers wear hijab you said this is problem . so you call this justice ? i will fight for our right like a legend till i die .. We Want Freedom For Our Religion. You can kill us but cant kill our idea ! Your All database Deleted! ./#LogOut

Link to websites defaced ad mirrors:


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