United Nations in Botswana Website Defaced Twice In A Day

Earlier during the day(25th October),  Bangladeshi hacker using the codename of Ablaze Ever, member of the BGHH defaced the website of the United Nations in Botswana (bw.one.un.org). On the deface page,we could read the following message,
"United Nation Hacked By Ablaze Ever
BD XTOR - Rotating Rotor - Cr4cK Br4iN - Murkho Manob - Red Core - Ashik Iqbal chy - Space Fighter - Crack Kid - Black Man - Reza Bghh - Sajid Chowdhury - Nike@l - Grey Doremon - Darkk Hex - Dr@cul@ - Sharif Bghh - Shopnopathik Aion

By the time of publishing, when visiting the website, we noticed that it was re-hacked by another hacker group calling themselves Fatal Error Crew. They uploaded text messages which goes as follows on the homepage,
"# Fatal Error Crew ~ Follow us: @FatalErrorSec # Elemento_pcx & s4r4d0 & sup3rm4n ! PWNED YOUR BOX!!!
# By sup3rm4n - 2013 ©
#Somos : Elemento_pcx & s4r4d0 & sup3rm4n
#Novo Twitter :@FatalErrorSec
#Hacking Just for Fun !!!!
# Made in Brazil

Mirror of First Defacement:[Click Here!]
Mirror of the second defacement is unavailable.


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