Young Indian Security Researcher Releases His First Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Manoj Nath,a young 15 year old security researcher has released his first security tool,which he calls, 'IP-Digger'.The tool he said is used to find vulnerabilities in websites.By finding vulnerabilities in websites,this can help in minimizing the risk of getting hacked.
Features of IP - Digger
ADVANCE SQLI Vulnerable Website Finder
ADVANCEXSS Vulnerable Website Finder
ADVANCELFI Vulnerable Website Finder
ADVANCERFI Vulnerable Website Finder
ADVANCE Admin Panels
ADVANCE Upload Vulnerability sites finder
Joomla and Wordpress website finder
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Manoj stated that he is constantly working on the new application by adding new features to make this 'everyone's first choice'.He also invites people using it to suggest how he can make the application better.

Download IP-DiggER v 2.0 [Here!]
Contact Manoj Nath On Facebook [Here!]


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