Several Websites Hacked By Moroccan Hackers ΡЯО

Members of the Moroccan Hackers ΡЯО have defaced 24 websites.The same deface page was uploaded on each websites.The following message was on each website attacked:
"el Sahara es marroqui lo ha estado lo esta,y lo estara para siempre(esto que os queda claro)
este es un mensaje para vuestro govierno que no se preocupa de los asuntos
internos de Espana(el pais que va cada dia abajo,el tiempo hizo justicia)"
English Translation by Google:
"Sahara is Moroccan has been at this, and I will be forever (this is clear to you)
This is a message to your govierno that does not care about the issues
Espana internal (the country is going down every day, the time did justice)"
 List of all defaced Websites: [Click Here!]


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