Members of Pakistan Haxor Crew Defacing More Indian Websites

Since several weeks,Pakistani hackers from Pakistan Haxor Crew are defacing Indian websites.66 websites were defaced last week and the week before,over 100 websites.Seeing this,we decided to ask the founder of PHC the reasons for such acts by them.
Maurihackers: Why are you and your team mate defacing these websites?
Haxor Hasnain: "coz they abuse our relegion"
Maurihackers: How they did so?
Haxor Hasnain: "they hacked our religious site and put nude pics,also abuse our relegion"
Maurihackers: For how long will you and your mate hack Indian websites?
Haxor Hasnain: "if they stop,we will stop defacing their sites! They hacked and abused our religion on our religious sites,but we don't coz we are muslims and our religion dont accept that we abuse other religion.Thats why we are hacking and defacing their websites until they dont stop"

List of Websites Defaced: [Click Here!]


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