66 More Indian Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hackers

Three Pakistani hackers, Hunter, Nadan Shahzada and Zaryab have defaced 66 Indian websites today.Each of them uploaded their personal deface page on the websites they attacked.Last week,two other hackers of the Pakistan Haxor Crew defaced over 100 websites. By the time of publishing, most of the websites were already restored.Mirrors has been provided below for readers who wants to see how the websites looked at the time of defacement.
On the deface page which Zaryab uploaded,the hacker stated the reason for this attack.Below is what was written on the page.
Message on Defaced Page:
"Hacked by Zaryab
#Op India Fuck Off Indian THis Iz Payback To Hacked Paki Relegious Sites
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
NaDan ShahZaDa - King Haxor - H4$N4!N H4XOR - AS!F Ali - Haxor Hunter - Anon RDX - ScAvEnGeR - key007
.-- . | .- .-. . | .- -. --- -. -.-- -- --- ..- ...
We are Pak Haxor Crew,
We are Legion
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
We know who you are and won't do what u told us, Expect us."

Link to All Defaced Websites With Mirrors: [Click Here!


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