TheLulzSecPress Twitter Account Hacked And Exposed By Indonesian Hacker Hmei7

Indonesian hacker going by the name of Hmei7 published a document on pastebin,exposing @TheLulzSecPress, by stating they they have been stealing others hack.The document has been well organised,giving an introduction section followed by 'Hacking Incidents' analysis,where comparison was made between original hacks of some genuine hackers and the stolen hacks by thelulzsecpress.A total of 5 issues were compared which hmei7 has been naming as 'FAIL NO. #'. He also thanked @ThisIsGame0ver for providing him information about many stuff.In the same document,he added a series of screenshot of conversations where the admin of the account was discussing about the name so that they could get famous by using the 'lulzsec'.
When visiting the twitter account,we can clearly see that Hmei7 owned it as he uploaded a picture stating 'HACKED BY HMEI7!'.
"In this screenshot: @thepra3t0rian talking about different name that have
LulzSec in it. Just to gain fame from that.
"In this screenshot: we have @thepra3t0rian and @TheLulzSecPress admin talking
about their stolen hacks and also that they were going to dox me. LOL!
He ended the document with the following words:
"There you have it folks! @TheLulzSecPress and @thepra3t0rian exposed! Don't ever mess with real hackers.
To all skids and fake hackers out there: Continue on your lame path, and you will be owned just like
@NaziGods - @TheLulzSecPress and @thepra3t0rian !"
"We want to thank the following people for their contribution. You know who you are!
LulzPirate, ThisIsGame0ver, and our anonymous contributors.
Link to Pastebin Document: [Click Here!]
Twitter Account Owned: [Click Here!]


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