The Boom Of Indian Hackers For Republic Day

After 'death burner',other Indian hackers have been defacing websites to show their love for their country and also to protest against the  beheading of Indian soldiers and mutilating of their bodies.'Rock India' provided us with a list of Pakistani websites which were defaced.Mostly all active Indian hackers have been participating in this attack and this was organized in a very orderly manner in a pastebin document.'(N0t a C0mpl3t3 L!st .....)' was also written at the beginning of the document,which in some way says that there are many more websites which were not listed in this document.Hackers who has been participating are Ashell,Sen Haxor,404,Rock India,Root Codefire,Ind!4ns,Members of Odisha Cyber Army,Members of Indian Cyber Police,Indian Tapas(H4ck3r_m329),and many others.Find below the list of all the websites which we were able to get.
Link to Pastebin
Some of the screenshot of the defaced page uploaded on the attacked page


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