Indishell Member Defaced Pakistani Govt Website

Member of Indishell going by the name of 'Destroyer' has defaced one Pakistani government website to express his feelings about the death of the two indian soldier at the border.He uploaded pictures of the soldiers and also posted a message.
" Dedicated To All The Brave Hearts Who Lost Life For The Country
 This Website have been Fucked by Destroyer
Bhenchod Hafiz Saeed bhen k lode ek baap ki awlaad hai to samne se hamla kar yahan aja bharat main sale kate hue land ki paidaish teri ma chod denge bhenchod
Bheek main mile desh aur daan main mile hathiaro k bal pe apne baapo se panga le rha hai
Saale apni ma se jaake pucch India kya hai wo btayegi tere baap k bare main bhen k lode suar
Contact me :
Greets : Whole Team Indishell Family and Indian Hackers World
We Are Going To Take Each And Every Website Down This Is Just A Start Wait For The Bang FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK


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