Hacker Blackmailed 350 Women To Strip On Webcam

Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, a 27 year old man from Glendale,California, is accused of hacking into several Facebook,Skype and email accounts of different women.He was arrested on federal computer hacking charges.He also forced these women in showing themselves naked on the internet.
Once the hacker gained control of the victims accounts,he changed the password,thus, preventing the legitimate users from accessing their accounts. He then searched the emails account for naked or semi naked pictures,as well as files and important information like passwords and friends names.After doing so,he posed himself online as women and fooled the 'friends' in removing their clothes so that he can watch them, or asked them to take pictures of themselves and send it to him.When the victims realized that they were not talking to their so called friend,he would blackmailed them using the photos he already have possession of by making them stripped live for him on camera.
Kazaryan contacted the victims at several occasion asking them to expose their breast on Skype.When they did not comply to his demands,he posted the nude pictures on their respective Facebook pages.The authorities found around 3000 nude and semi-nude pictures on the hackers computer,some taken from their online accounts and other taken by the hacker himself on Skype.Investigators estimated that the hacker victimized more than 350 women but they have not yet identified all the victims.If the hacker is convicted on all the counts,he may face a maximum penalty of 105 years in prison.
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