British Anonymous Members Jailed

Christopher Weatherhead, a 22 year old British,using the nickname "Nerdo" was sentenced for 18 months by the Southwark Crown Court.Another member,Ashley Rhodes who is 28 was sent to jail for seven months.Peter Gibson who is 24 was given six months and a last person,who is 18 is waiting to be sentenced.They are all accused of using the distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) against PayPal in an operation called "Operation Payback". This campaign by Anonymous was launched against anti-piracy sites,music labels and movie studios but later on moved towards Paypal as they had refused to allow donation to Wikileaks.The hackers has been using a tool called Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC).
Even though Weatherhead claimed that he was only looking on while others lauched the attack,the court convicted him of one count of conspiracy. The three others pleaded guilty to the charged.


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