240 Pakistani Websites Hacked By Rock India

A hacker going by the name of Rock India has defaced 240 Pakistani websites.Along with this,he also leaked the database of Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment(http://www.beoe.gov.pk/) in a pastebin document.In the same document he added the reason of this leak.
"RIP to Indian SOldier Sudhakar Singh and Hemraj of 13 Rajputana Rifles.

Pakistani soldiers, apparently from the 29 Baloch regiment, took advantage of a dense fog to sneak into an Indian post in Sona Gali area in the border district of Poonch. The Pakistanis killed the two Indian soldiers and wounded a third. "(The) Pakistani soldiers ... slit the throats of two army soldiers.
The document consists of Name of Licence, Head office, Branch Office addresses, phone numbers and status column.
List of all Defaced Website: [Here]
Leaked Database: [Here]


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