Message to Pakistani Government From BBHH

Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers posted a video on Youtube titled as "Warning to Pakistani Government from BBHH". The video talks about the Pakistani hackers attacking the cyber space of Bangladesh and the black hat hackers team is asking the Pakistani to stop destroying there cyber space.Reader can find below the video as well as the transcript of the message.

"From some days , we are observing that, pakistani hackers are continue attack in bangladeshi cyber space. Consequently pakistani hackers continue attack on our cyber space, the result will be devasting , we will destroy your cyber space. No one can save you . You have already seen in 1971 , what can bangladeshies do. By swearing we are saying that , we BBHH will smash your cyber space. In last cyber war with india you saw that what happened to them and it is not unknown to you. Till the last drop of blood we wll protect our cyber space as shell.
power that can't be imagined,
strength that can't be compared.
on the way of justice,
with the path of honesty,
we are bangladesh black hat hackers."
 By the time of publsihing this article,the video already had over 200 views.


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