Global Fight Against Online Child Sex

Around 48 countries have join together to fight against online child sex videos and pictures.The main objectives of this is to combat the increasing child pornography on the internet.It is estimated that there are 1 million of child pornography images on the internet and this will surely increase by 50,000 every year.US Attorney General Eric Holder said:
“This international initiative will strengthen our mutual resources to bring more perpetrators to justice, identify more victims of child sexual abuse, and ensure that they receive our help and support,"He also added, "Through this global alliance we can build on the success of previous cross-border police operations that have dismantled international pedophile networks and safeguard more of the world’s children.”
This fight will help in finding and protecting the victims.This Alliance will also make children and all those using the internet be aware of the risk of the internet and will guide them of how to protect themselves from been trapped in sending photos to pedophiles.


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