Anonymous #OperationBBC

The video was published on the 27th by FawkesSecurity on YouTube and is titled as 'Anonymous #OperationBBC '.
"Greetings Citizens of the UK and the world, We are Anonymous. Via @FawkesSecurity <3
It has come to our attention that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBc), has become less and less trustworthy in recent times.
As British Citizens we are made to pay £145.50 license fee per year for the provision of good quality advert free entertainment and news.
The BBc have forced students and members of the armed forces to buy TV licenses when they are living away from their family homes creating more revenue from many thousands of people.
Anonymous understands that the BBc is the voice of the British Government but we feel that the misappropriation of these vast funds should now be addressed.
The resignation and £400.000+ payoff of director general George Entwistle over the child abuse scandal surrounding former presenter Jimmy Savile and the chaos following flagship current affairs show Newsnight making possibly false allegations against a former Conservative Party politician.
The BBc claim to be a Global News organization and yet they fail repeatedly to give an accurate unbiased report of National or International News. The most recent being to refer to Hamas (a democratically elected government) as a Terrorist group. Our armed forces fight and die to uphold and assist with freedom and democracy while the BBc try to undermine it at every available turn.
The BBc have reported from Camp Bastion and Forward Operating Base's within Afghanistan for many years. Many members of the armed forces have died and many more have been injured. The BBc have pushed the success of this war, the reality is far different. The British Government have now announced that success in Afghanistan is unobtainable and the key objectives will never be achieved.  
The BBc are not being held to account by a certain Lord, as he is aware that the license payer would be paying the bill. Instead he believes it is better to go after twitter users with less than 1000 followers, the majority of whom also pay for TV licenses. This man seems prepared to spend vast sums of money to protect his reputation. If this reputation was worth a penny surely his word would clear his name.
Internal investigations into Pedophiles although in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police (they MET should not be trusted also, but that is another op) is not sufficient there is a need for a truly independent public inquiry into this Institution.
The BBc have failed to or inaccurately report on actions carried out by Anonymous and many groups from the #Occupy Movement there by guiding other media agencies, this is including but not exclusive to the original march on the London Stock Exchange #OLSX (until the gathering at the steps of St Paul's cathedral).
Operation BBc will use the following..
Publicity of all past and present BBc misdemeanors both public and hidden
DDos of priority BBc targets (targets TBC)
Dox of BBc combatants
Protection of Whistle Blowers from within the target Institution
Data Dumps of any information gathered from BBc targets
Boycot of all BBc related Outside broadcasts and Interview Attempts regardless of the subject.
Operation BBc is a three Phase Operation consisting of
Phase 1:
26/12/2012 Spread the word about the BBc and gain support for #OpBBc
Phase 2:
TARGET: Interesting...
Phase 3:
TBC Maintain above methods until the End state is achieved.
End State:
Force the BBc to instigate accurate reporting of national and international news, and provide an open institution informing the 99% of the truth and not Government controlled Propaganda and spin.
Useful Information available from Via @UGBrazil <3
Operation BBC engaged
We are #Anonymous.
We are #Legion.
Divided by Zero.
We do not Forgive.
we do not Forget.
Do not #ExpectUs.
We are on to You...
CBeebies and CBBc are not legitimate targets! Everyone needs a Babysitter ;) #Lulz"


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