Syria Virtual University Student Information Leaked

Using pastebin like all other hackers, Grey Security, also known as Gsec, has leaked the student database of Syria Virtual University.In this same document,he added a note,the reason for this leak which goes as follows:
"This database leak, isn't for any specific reason, nor an operation.
This was done, just to prove one simple point, there is no such thing as security.

But, simply because I'm a dick. Only email and usernames will be leaked, LOL.
So, enjoy the lulz and stay tuned.


Going down through the document, all the databases were there,divided into sections,where the first part consisted of the different table in the 'svu_isis' section.Then the email addresses and role of the user were added,then he added the username next to the user emails.The document ended with the following:
"We are back, and well prepared.
You will not find us.
You cannot stop us.
We will be the end of you.

We are GreySecurity. #GSec.
Been #FuckingSecurity since day #1

Pastebin Link:


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