Israeli Government Websites Under Massive Hacking Attack

More than 44 million attempt to hack Israeli Government website has been noticed since Wednesday when Israel started the air strikes in Gaza.
The finance minister,Yuval Steinitz, said that there was only on hacking attempt which was successful and was down only for 10 minutes.Hackers are mainly targeting defence related websites,10 milling attemps on the Israel's president website, 7 million on foreign ministry and 3 million on the prime minister website.
Mr Yuval Steinitz said :
"The ministry's computer division will continue to block the millions of cyber attacks,We are enjoying the fruits of our investment in recent years in developing computerized defense systems."
Israeli Information officer on his part stated that:
"The war is taking place on three fronts. The first is physical, the second is on the world of social networks and the third is cyber."


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