15year old UG Nazi Hacker Cosmo Sentenced

A 15year old hacker known as Cosmo of God has been sentenced on Wednesday in California.He pleaded guilty for many felonies he was charged with.Cosmo and his team UG Nazi took part in many hacking events during the year 2012.
Until he turns 21, Cosmo is not allow to use the web unless he obtains consent from his parole officer.He has not been sentenced to jail.He has been asked to give all his username and passwords.
He has been using the techniques of social engineering to gain access to PayPal and Amazon websites.
An attorney who has represented members of Anonymous and LulzSec,Jay Leiderman, told Wired.com "Ostensibly they could have locked him up for three years straight and then released him on juvenile parole,But to keep someone off the Internet for six years — that one term seems unduly harsh. You’re talking about a really bright, gifted kid in terms of all things Internet. And at some point after getting on the right path he could do some really good things. I feel that monitored Internet access for six years is a bit on the hefty side. It could sideline his whole life–his career path, his art, his skills. At some level it’s like taking away Mozart’s piano.”


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