Several Websites Hacked By Members of Indian Cyber Hunters

Several website was hacked by members of the Indian Cyber Hunters.On each of the website,the above image was added and a message.You can find below the list of the websites defaced and also the mirror of  each after defacement.
" Stop Racism
No One Is Illegal
HINDUS Need True Justice In Pakistan

Hello Citizens of Pakistan ,Bangladesh and World,
We are Indian Cyber Hunters.
OUR Message To the Bangladesh and Pakistan government stop the atrocities on Hindu nd Sikh population and protect their basic human rights. .....
pakistani nd bangladeshi Hindus are being massacred after they rejected the Muslims pressure to convert to Islam
the brutalities being perpetrated on them must stop now the world community.. the media and the so-called human rights bodies are completely silent..

How many embassies, ships, buses, planes, schools and businesses
have been bombed on the name of Allah & Jihad in the last fifty years ?
How many innocent girls have been raped killed converted on the name of Allah & Jihad ?
One Person gives u bayaan on Jihaad and encourages you to kill people
and says "ye sawaab ka kaam hai", "rizzak ka kaam hai" and you do sins even
without thinking the consequences !!
You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..
But There is no Future for you.. We are coming with huge speed..
Then there will be no one to Save you..
You are dirty stamp on the name of Humanity.. Try to Understand & Respect it..

Five military operations have been launched in Balochistan so far,
illegal abductions, inhuman torture and mutilated dead bodies of Baloch youth
continue to be surfaced on daily basis and after all that if Pakistan expect Baloch people to live with it then it is nothing but there immaturity.
the six point’s agenda of Akhtar Mengal is not the solution of Balochistan issue.
Baloch want freedom and if the state has doubt,
it should allow referendum under supervision of UN and it will know the fact.
we do not demand anything from Pakistan;
we are struggling to regain the control on our land and resources.
Atrocities of 65 years did not tire or exhaust us but gave us more strength and energy to intensify the struggle.
Pakistan cannot keep us occupied with force anymore and we will regain the freedom for our land and people.
.We have successfully compromised the security of many Government pakistani nd bangladeshi websites, as a means to show our aggresion against the injustice.
You can rest assured that no harm will be done to any of the sites.
We won't stop untill our demands are met..
We want the right to freedom of speech to mean more than words.
We want Free Balochistan
Its time you wake up. Its time you take charge.
Its time you say, "Enough is enough"
Its time you change your fate.
Its time you show that this won't go un-noticed.
Its time you take charge.
Proud To b A HIndu


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