NASA Restricted Data Leaked by LegitHacker97

A hacker known as LegitHacker97 published a document on pastebin from which we can understand that the leaked some important files of NASA.The first line goes as follows:
"This is My First Major release, it is NASA website."

The hacker also provided a link to download the leaked files.He greated several hacker groups and also hacking news channel The Hacker News.While visiting the website,and reading the article published,the hacker contacted The Hacker News to inform them about the leak.
Extract from The Hacker News:
" Hacker describe The Hacker News via mail that,"This was hacked by a major LFI vulnerability which allowed me to upload my own shell (backdoor to the site) and I took advantage of it by downloading all off the website !". He add ,"But now vulnerability is fixed". "

Pastebin Link:


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