The Hacker News Sub Domain Hacked By Pakistani Hacker Shadow008

The Hacker News[THN], one of the leading website providing news about hacking and IT security sub domain has been hacked and defaced by well known Pakistani hacker  Shadow008. By the time we are writting this,the sub domain has been taken offline and in unavailable,we provided the mirror link of how the defaced webpage was.

Message Posted On Defaced Page:
" TheHackerNews b0xed By Shadow008 xD
Also a small message for Admin of TheHackerNews, Why Wont you submit our Pakistani Hackers News When Ever We Submit ?
Always Be = With Everyone.
Just like You are with Indian's !


[#] Contact: Shadow008@YMaiL.CoM

./LoGouT oFF

[#] Greets: KhantastiC | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus | b0x | Sho0ter | 1337 | Dr.Z0mbie | MINDCRACKER | M4DSh4k | CFR | L1nux3rr0r | Ment@l Mind | ZQ@R | phpBuGz | Over-X | PrOReBeLL | Neo Haxor |
| Cyber Smart | Hitler | Lnx r00t | w3bdrill3r | x3o-1337 | Cep Engking | WG_Eagle | Tha Rude | Disastar | Tha Dark | All Pakistan Cyber Army Team

Sub-Domain Hacked:


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