Anonymous: Hackers Arrested Because of Infiltrators

The official blog of Anonymous Iberoamerica revealed that the arrests coordinated by the Interpol were not a result of law enforcement investigations. Instead, Anonymous members believe that the hackers were arrested after falling into traps set by infiltrators.

 According to the blog, among those arrested were Pacotron and Thunder, hackers who are considered by authorities to be in charge of managing Anonymous in Spanish speaking countries, Troy, who possessed servers in Slovakia and Romania, and JIPS from Madrid.

Three Chileans students, a few minors from Argentina, a Colombian citizen, and a member of the Sector 404 crew were also reportedly arrested. The others were simple internauts who supported the hacktivists’ views and participated in the distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against government and corporation websites.

“Know, however, that all this wave of arrests was not made by intelligence work or IT strategy as you would like to believe, they were made by a much lower and more miserable technique: the use of spies and informers from within the community,” reads a translation of the hackers’ statement.

The identities of the rats were not revealed, but the hacktivists claim they got tons of information on their real identities.

These infiltrators, allegedly hired by governments, pose as Anonymous supporters that want to help out with different operations until they manage to obtain sufficient information regarding the hackers. Once they complete their mission, they disappear or simply change their names.

Anonymous warns that the operations launched by law enforcement agencies are not going to stop them, mainly because they’re not a collective, but an ideology to which anyone can adhere.

They also say that the skilled members of the community will never fall for the traps set by these informants, as they can almost immediately detect attempts to unmask them.


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