Yellow Pages Site Hacked by Mad HackerZ

A group of Lebanese hackers called Mad HackerZ Team breached the country’s official Yellow Pages website (, leaking tons of information they found on its servers. We’ve contacted the hackers to find out about their reasons for hacking this and other sites.

 The hackers published usernames, passwords, emails, Facebook IDs, and names on Pastebin. They also obtained the usernames and passwords of the site’s administrators, which they leaked in clear-text.

“We Injected The Site With Sql Injection Exploit And We Bypassed The Forbidden And The Security !” the hackers told us.

They also gained unauthorized access to other domains which they defaced to host their protest messages. The defaced sites include the ones of a political figure called Rafic Al Hariri, an online store named Dunes, Frontpage-lb, a computer company, and the site of a football team.

When asked about their motives for hacking these sites, Mad HackerZ claimed that they wanted to “complement the electronic revolution” and to make their message heard.

“You know we live in a country that is difficult to live in. Where unemployment is rampant non Msawh (inequality), administrative corruption, and the apathy of the rulers!! Our goal in this electronic revolution, gathering the largest number of opinions in favor of our point of view, we dream that we live with dignity,” Mad Hacker, the group’s leader said.

We’ve asked Mad Hacker to take part in our Hackers around the world interview series, so stay tuned to find out more details about the electronic revolution and other interesting life facts from a Lebanese hacker.

The last Half-Mad hacker we interviewed shared some interesting insight on the life of a Nepali hacktivist and other similar stories are on their way.


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