Ticketweb admits it got hacked

 A group of hackers managed to gain access to TicketWeb’s direct email marketing systems and utilized it to send phishing emails to unsuspecting customers. The ticket distribution company is alerting users to be on the lookout for suspicious emails.

 According to The Inquirer, TicketWeb clients began receiving emails that urged them to upgrade their Adobe Reader to the latest version. However, for the recipients with a keen sense of observation, the emails were practically screaming “Scam!”

“Since the Holidays are in full swing and the New Year is approaching, we’ve decided to unveil our latest Adobe PDF Reader/Writer 2012 Version,” read the phony email.

Once the link in the email was clicked, recipients were redirected to a third-party website that requested sensitive information, including credit card information.

“We have discovered that our Ticketweb UK direct email marketing system was exposed to unauthorised access,” read the email sent by the company after the breach was discovered.

“As a result, you may have received up to four emails today from an unauthorised party with the subject as 'Action Required: Update Your PDF Application' and containing a link to update an Adobe Acrobat PDF application. Please do not click this link, but delete the email.”

The company has taken the appropriate measures to patch up the security hole and states that no personal or credit card information was accessed directly, but the number of victims may still be high.

Users who received the malicious emails, clicked on the links, and provided the information requested are advised to immediately apply for credit monitoring services in case they provided credit card details.

Furthermore, internauts are recommended to carefully analyze any suspicious emails before rushing to fulfill its requests, especially if they found themselves on a website that asks for credit card and other private information.
Source: Softpedia


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