Roland’s US Backstage Site Hacked, Customer Data Leaked

Usernames, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers and information regarding registered products from Roland US Backstage customers may have been exposed after a group of unnamed hackers managed to gain access to their databases.

 “Based upon our investigation, we believe that less than 1% of the subscriber account information was compromised. Fortunately, our investigation has indicated that there is no evidence that your account information was part of this small group,” reads an email sent by Roland to customers.

“Please note also that since you did not provide us with any credit card information or other financial data when you subscribed to the 'Roland Backstage' portion of the website, you do not need to worry about credit card information or other financial data being leaked from our website.”

The world renowned electronic musical instruments manufacturer told SC Magazine that less than 1% of its subscribers may be affected as a result of this breach.

Roland Backstage customers should expect notification emails from the company. But they don't come directly from it. Instead, they come via Bronto, a marketing service contracted by Roland with the purpose of getting statistics on how many messages reached their destinations.

This is an important fact that must be taken into consideration, mostly because many customers on support forums raised concerns about the legitimacy of the emails.

In the meanwhile, users are advised to change their passwords. Even if less than 1% of customers are affected, it’s always better to be safe, than to later be sorry.

If the same password is utilized to safeguard other accounts, especially email or social media, they should be changed as well. In many cases, the login credentials may be used to launch malicious campaigns from other compromised accounts that share the leaked username and password.


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