#OP-India Second Message From BBHH to Indian Govt

People of Bangladesh
Dear brother & sister

We are Bangladesh blackhat hackers,
Bangladesh cyber army & Expire underground cyber army.

You may already know about our Cyber War against Indian hacker groups.

Our mission is to attack Indian websites until the government promise to stop border killing.

We have already hacked more than 20 thousands Indian site.

We still are keeping continue our cyber-attack against them.

Proudly we can say, Indian cyber space is now in our control.

We are glad to inform you, Indian hacker group left the war field in the 1st day of our attack.

It’s one of our success but sorry to say, Indian government have not realized our massage and haven’t taken any step to stop BSF firing.

Now, we want to say, Indian government must withdraw the firing order to innocent Bangladeshis in the border.

Special attention to BSF chief to postpone his statement about direct shoot.

We want firing free indo-bd border. Give guarantee about our innocent people’s life.

We have also a new issue, Stop Tipaimukh Dam.

What you saw in 2 days, it was a just a trailer and some general BD people just raised their voice.

Our core team is still watching the last situation; we don’t want to harm any Indian innocent people.

But it’s our mission to create their internal cyber problem.

We will keep continue our cyber war until the government take any action to stop Indian crime.

Give us secure life; Take a secure cyber world from us!


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