Anonymous Members Arrested for Hacking Greek Ministry of Justice

An 18 year old arrested in the process of a crime, and two other Greek high school students, 16 and 17 years, accused by the Electronic Crime to participate in the falsification of the website of the Greek Ministry of Justice on February 2.

The three hackers allegedly belonging to the group Greek Hacking Scene (GHS) and declared members of the wider, international organization Anonymous.
"Justice is coming," wrote the English invaders in the first page of the site, and upload and video message also fluent in English, which said: "What is happening in your country is unacceptable. Came to power to express the wishes of your people and you have failed utterly. Kill the most sacred thing for your country is the Republic. "
The three accused students now illegal access to computer systems in accordance with Article 370 of the Penal Code.
During surveys conducted in the homes of the accused seized three laptops and 12 hard drives.
Police are now continuing investigations to identify and other team members
No reference to other objectives
The police statement says, according to online postings, these defendants "have committed dozens of digital attacks." The objectives, however, not specified.
In the evening Sunday, February 13, shortly before the crucial vote in parliament on the new memorandum, Anonymous announced they had set off the sites of ELAS, the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the Greek Prime Minister and the Greek Parliament.
The fact this website was not accessible at that time. The same happened later on the websites of PASOK, New Democracy, the Ministry of Finance and Evangelos Venizelos, but it is not clear whether this was associated with Anonymous.


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