Anonymous Hacks Turkey’s Telecoms Authority

Turkey’s Information Technologies and Communications Authority was breached by Anonymous hackers as part of Operation Digiturk. The operation was launched after the one of the country’s satellite television providers, Digiturk, blocked a couple of blogs that were hosting copyrighted materials.

 According to hackt1v1sm, Anonymous revealed their plans to retaliate against the company’s actions a few days ago after Digiturk’s CEO came forward with a statement, naming Google and YouTube as being the one responsible for the blockades.

“The websites like Google and Youtube are illegally broadcasting football matches. We have complained to Google and Youtube, but we never got answers from them. We decided to go to court. Because Google never answered to us the court decided to block the IP address. Google has to deal things like that. You cannot broadcast football matches,” said Ertan Ozerdem, CEO of Digiturk.

Digiturk even had the video announcement posted by Anonymous removed from YouTube, claiming it represented copyright infringing material.

LegionNet reports that tons of data was leaked from the country’s telecoms authority as a form of protest. User accounts, admin accounts, client listings and other private information was made available by the hackers.

“It is time to fight for free internet while dominations are getting consistent. Digiturk, who is responsible for blocking and, is terrorizing the internet. The victims were not warned and did not even have the right of defence. Censorship is a human rights violation,” the hackers wrote.

Anonymous hackers have been highly active lately in countries such as Egypt, Brazil, Israel and Syria. Unlike the situation in Turkey, where their operation was launched to fight censorship, in these countries they acted in support of the country’s citizens and against the governments they consider to be corrupt and violent.
Source: Softpedia


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