Anonymous Hacks Romanian Ministry of European Affairs

Even though the Romanian faction of Anonymous started their campaigns not long ago, since the beginning of 2012 they have left their mark on many government institutions they consider to be corrupt, their latest target being the website of the Ministry of European Affairs (

 The hacktivists managed to gain access to their database, the contents of which they plan on making public in the upcoming period to reveal the corruption that takes place in the institution.After they practically destroyed the website of the Giurgiu child protection agency, a site that is still down, they also defaced the Piatra Neamt mayor’s website and the one owned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maramures.
 Another high-profile target which Anonymous managed to breach was DLAF, the state’s anti-fraud ( website, which they blame to have failed in their task.

“The Fight Against Fraud Department is useless and that’s why we hacked them,” the hackers told us.

The Romanian Social Development Fund also has fallen victim to the hackers’ operations. They managed to obtain access to all their databases, planning to leak all the information found in them.

Since the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) protests began, Anonymous hackers don’t just breach sites to show they’re corrupt, but they also deface them to prove their support for the anti-ACTA movements.

When asked about future targets, Anonymous representatives say that all the government sites are on their list, including the ones belonging to local political parties and town halls.

A few major companies also made it to the list of targets, the hacktivists planning to reveal all their well-guarded secrets.

“We plan on visiting all the major companies that have a stained past, but the government and political parties are our main concern,” the hackers added.


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