Anonymous Hacks Romanian Government and Police Sites

The Romanian faction of the infamous Anonymous hacktivist organization has targeted a large number of government and law enforcement organizations in the past days.

 After they took down the site of welfare services and child protection agency, they went on a hacking spree and one after the other breached sites, defaced them, and gathered all the information they could find on their servers.

They started with the website of Piatra Neamt city hall, defacing it several times, even after its administrators removed the content posted by the hackers and began patching it up.

The next target was the site of Bacau, another fairly large town in the same area, followed by that of Alba Iulia, known for the old citadel walls that surround it. From the latter’s website they not only obtained data, they also defaced it to show its administrators the lack of security.

From here, they didn’t move on. They remained in the same town hacking the site of Alba Iulia Police. This hack was the Romanian equivalent of the FBI Friday operation launched overseas.

The website of the public transportation system in Brasov was also visited, around 150 kilobytes of information being leaked. Now, 150 kilobytes may not seem much, but since it’s mostly represented by text documents, the quantity can’t be neglected.

The last government site that was breached belongs to the Neamt County’s Education Inspectorate.

However, the list of victims doesn’t end here. The University of Arts in Targu Mures and the site of Spider Management Technologies, one of the leading Russian project management consulting company, also made the list.

This morning we found out that they have also taken a look inside the servers of the National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics from where they leaked around 2 gigabytes of data.

Anonymous hackers from Romania managed to hack a fairly high number of sites in a small time interval and they promise that they won’t stop here. Stay tuned to see if they manage to breach more sites and to learn if the government plans on counterattacking these operations.


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