Anonymous Egypt Takes Down Police and Government Sites

Similar to other parts of the world where Anonymous hacktivists show their discontent with the local political regime, protesting against it by hacking and defacing sites, in Egypt the situation is not much different. A lot of government websites keep falling, especially after international Anonymous factions became involved.

 According to the posts made on Twitter by Anonymous Egypt representatives, among the first sites taken down, after massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks were launched against them, were the one belonging to the Ministry of Media and the Prime Minister’s site.

“We are Fighting for Freedom at Internet , Streets , Any Where Viva Revolution WE ARE NOT Afriad of Death Anymore that's why we r Continuing (sic),” the hackers wrote.

Today, even the site of the Ministry of Defense failed under the heavy fire of packets and was shut down, activists revealing their plans to launch a “general strike” that will put an end to the dominance of the local military.

“We are going on an open #GeneralStrike on February 11 to end Military rule,” they added.

The operations in Egypt began sometime in January, but they intensified after videos of protestors being brutally beaten by the authorities were published online.

It seems as the Egyptian people can’t get rid of dictatorial regimes. At first their protests were a success and they managed to remove Hosni Mubarak from the country’s leadership, but soon after the military took over and now the citizens find themselves almost in the same situation as they were about a year ago.

At the time of writing, most of the targeted sites are still down and judging by the determination shown by hacktivists, they will remain down for some time.

Anonymous is highly active in other parts of the world, not just Egypt. DDOS attacks were launched in Syria and Brazil, while in other parts of the world such as Romania, Nigeria and Palestine, the hackers prefer to deface sites and leak information from their databases.
Source: Softpedia


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