One More Pakistani Website Down By FfeSsxt Prince

We arent afraid of any shit that comes to us !! We'll Do anything to Keep our Country's Pride Up and High !!

Jihaad = War = Shit
One Person gives u bayaan on Jihaad and encourages you to kill people and says "ye sawaab ka kaam hai",
"rizzak ka kaam hai" and you do sins even without thinking the consequences !!
But you Dony Know Tht Terrorism is unnecessary violence against innocent civilians; Qur'aan forbids this.
You have read the Qur'aan, you should know this & yet if you are supporting Terrorism means you are'nt Muslim.
We are Proud of People we have in India who are ready to deal with any such incidents !!
Officers, Soldiers who are ready to die for their Motherland ..
I wonder you have atleast one such? eh?
ahh..You guyz are fuckin buzy training people to be terrorists !! diverting their mindset !!

You Lamerz might have seen many army men died in war !! .. This is Called Dedication .. Passion .. Love for Country !!
Unlike You lamerz who Send terrorists to India and Kill Innocent People !!

You can just make anti indian pages on social networking sites
You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..
But There is no Future for you.. We are coming with huge speed..
Corruption will be under control.. Every Indian will have Money n Power..
Then there will be no one to Save you..
You are dirty stamp on Pure Islam.. Try to Understand & Respect it..
Just Remember We are coming 


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