Olympics ‘Games Makers’ Advised Not to Give Details Online

As the London Olympics are approaching, security is considered one of the most important aspects by the organizers. To make sure that the volunteers, known as Games Makers, are not tricked into handing over sensitive information, the London Organizing Committee (LOCOG) issued guidelines regarding their interaction with media outlets and other parties online.
 According to Out-Law, a LOCOG representative denied that the volunteers would be banned from making unapproved comments in online environments, but he admitted that they’re being advised to go through official channels before publicly stating anything.

During such an important event, criminal organizations that may want to harm someone or disrupt the Olympic Games are searching for any small detail that would allow them to perform their malicious tasks.

This is why Games Makers are recommended not to disclose locations, or post pictures and videos of locations that are closed off for the public.

While the volunteers are allowed to retweet official event messages, they’re not permitted to reveal anything about the problems the participant athletes may have or information on the visit of celebrities or state officials.

The organizers encourage a healthy relationship with the media, but on the other hand, they’re certain that some may try to trick them into disclosing information that should remain private.

The actual guidelines remain a secret, only the 70,000 Games Makers being allowed to see them.

As the event draws near, security becomes an important issue. Last week we’ve seen how members of the police smuggled a fake bomb onto the main site with the purpose of testing security and improving it in areas where it’s necessary.

Their attempt to bypass security with the bomb may have been a success, but they state that attendants should not be alarmed as these tests are performed to make sure no incidents will occur during the games.
Source: Softpedia


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