Office of Phillipines Vice President site Hacked by PrivateX Hacker group

Yesterday , The first day of the 2012,The Hacker group "PrivateX" hacked and defaced the Office of the Vice President site(Phillipines Government Site).

They also hacked into  Philippine Nuclear Research Institute website and redirect the users to and and called for intensified information security in the country.

In Sunday evening's hack, the hackers embedded a video clip of a news item quoting Vice President Jejomar Binay's spokesman Joey Salgado as denying the OVP site had been hacked sometime last year.

At the time, Salgado was downplaying a hack of the OVP website, saying the OVP was merely transferring to a new host.

PrivateX assured that "nothing was lost during the process of this defacement."

Hacked sites:

 The Full Message from defacement Page:
 Greetings World, Happy New Year!
Months had passed when we first wired our sentiments and growing passion of concern to intensify the Information Security here in the Philippines. Occupants of the west are still on the move and in no such time, Manila, will be the center of unethical activities in Asia. For some reasons that is untold, they choose the Philippines to organize a legion
that will nullify the entire Philippine Cyberspace. This is what we are afraid of.

The medium of our emphasis in calling out the government's action toward cyber security, and our actions in which this defacement is performed. A change in our society pointing out the role to authorize each and every Filipino citizen through education that is recognizable by its function to contrive in the economy and innovating more concepts in Information Security.

We lay our hands on the fight against corruption and the call of the #InfoSec. In as much as we offer our wants to oversee every Filipino people have their knowledge to produce and live productively in which the people become other than themselves, and others may discover the Philippines that contain potentials other than it appears.

This is a Note of Understanding from the crew and its assurance that nothing was lost during the process of this defacement.

We are Anonymous,

We are legion, We don't forgive,
We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero,
Expect us.


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