Ashton Kutcher’s Foursquare Account Hacked, Actor Locates Hacker

Celebrities with many Twitter followers are a great target for hackers who want to spread their malicious schemes. Such is the case of Ashton Kutcher, the famous actor, who has some 9 million followers, all of which may have clicked on some malevolent links posted by a hacker that had taken over the star’s Twitter feed.

 According to Graham Cluley, it wasn’t the celebrity’s Twitter account that was hacked, instead, the cybercriminals managed to breach his Foursquare account which was connected to his Twitter.

Naturally, if the hacker would have posted something like “I hacked you,” he couldn’t have taken advantage of this breach too much, so he started tweeting about Kutcher’s private life.

The phony posts read:

First official sleepover with my girl @lorenescafaria so maybe breakfast with everyone next time! (@ Lorene's House). [LINK]

Check out my new girl Lorene's House (Los Angeles, CA) on foursquare. [LINK]

Nothing better than breakfast after a long night join us at Lorene’s House on foursquare.

Around 6 hours later, after the victim noticed that someone’s tweeting from his account, the posts were removed and Kutcher began his retaliation against the one that did it.

“So apparently someone thinks they are clever hacking my account,” he wrote. “Ok mr hacker, you only made one mistake. You hacked my Foursquare and I now know your address. Whoops. This is gonna be fun.”

Later, these tweets were also deleted, but the most interesting of them all is still available. Kutcher posted an image of a map, allegedly revealing the location of the hacker.

“I’m coming for you my friend,” reads the last tweet concerning the incident.

It’s not certain how the hacker managed to obtain his account credentials, but most likely he utilized a weak, easy-to-guess password, or like many others before him, he may have fallen victim to a phishing expedition.

This is not the first time when the actor’s Twitter account is attacked by a cybercrook. Last year, while attending a conference, someone hijacked it and posted pro-SSL graffiti.
Source: Softpedia


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