Anonymous Targets German Neo-Nazis, Extremists Fight Back

As part of Operation Blitzkrieg, the Anonymous hacker collective launched a site on which they post all the sensitive information they can gather on members of Germany’s far-right parties and other extremist groups

 “For quite a while now we have been watching our precious Interwebs (sic) being used as a platform for ideologies as stupid and dangerous as it gets. The talk is of course of far-right parties,” hackers wrote when the operation begun in the spring of 2011.

One of their latest victims is the National Democratic Party (NDP), a far right political party whose members are becoming more and more targeted by the hacktivists, Spiegel informs.

The anti-nazi Internet portal currently stores lists of individuals who donated money to NDP, internal emails belonging to the party, contact list from their weekly newspaper, and customer data from online stores.

The identity of the site’s operators is not known (it’s Anonymous we’re talking about), but Junge Freiheit representatives, a right-wing weekly newspaper, claim that they will take legal action against them, naming their acts as being “clearly criminal.”

“You want to sue us? A complaint against anonymous (individuals)? Don't make yourselves look ridiculous!” read the hackers’ response.

Far-right groups are a popular target among German hackers, all their websites being constantly attacked by Anonymous and other collectives.

The Chaos Computer Club, the organization that hosted the recent 28C3 security conference, is said to be among the ones that often target extremists. It’s even believed that during the latest event that took place in Berlin a number of participants may have hacked a few extremist sites.

The same sources report that Germany’s neo-nazi scene attracted the attention of both the media and online activists after a terror group called the National Socialist Underground murdered at least 10 individuals during a period of seven years.
Source: Softpedia


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