Anonymous Releases Israeli SCADA System Details

After Danny Ayalon, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, stated that the country was one of the best in the world when it came to cyber security, possessing the power to go after any hacker, a member of Anonymous published some information on Israeli SCADA systems.

“Who wanna have some fun with israeli scada systems,” FuryOfAnon wrote on Twitter a few hours ago.

The hacker published a list of IPs which allegedly belong to some Israeli organizations that utilize SCADA systems and even revealed that they could be accessed using the “100” default password.

“Find their systems. Login using default logins. ("100" being the password),” the hacker said.

“100” has been revealed as being the default password for Siemens systems some time ago by security researcher Billy Rios who became upset by the fact that Siemens denied having any authentication bypass issues in their SIMATIC systems.

The password "100" is allegedly the one utilized by the hacker called pr0f to access the SCADA systems of the South Houston water utility not long ago.

The leaked information also contains email addresses and passwords belonging to Israeli government officials, including ones from the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Force, Ministry of Health, and the Israeli Chinese Embassy.

FuryOfAnon also benefits from the support of Sabu, one of the early members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective.

Israel has been under heavy fire from hackers after Operation Free Palestine was launched and hacktivists from around the world started breaching and defacing websites as a form of protest.

One of the largest data leaks was performed by a hacker who calls himself 0xOmar, who managed to obtain tens of thousands of credit card details and other sensitive information after breaching a major sports website.

Israeli officials said they would retaliate against these hackers, but so far only an Israeli student managed to provide some information on 0xOmar, reportedly a Saudi man, currently working in Mexico. The hacker denies these claims.
Source: Softpedia


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