475 wesites HaCkeD by LuCkY & RooT_D3viL[InDiaN CyBeR ArMy]

So here is one more little tribute to heroes of 26/11 by LuCkY & RooT_D3viL[InDiaN CyBeR ArMy]

So here is little tribute to heroes of 26/11..
475 wesites HaCkeD by LuCkY & RooT_D3viL[InDiaN CyBeR ArMy] to heroes of 26/11..

MeSSaGe By Code Breaker Ica & Aasim Sheikh(RootDevil) from INDIAN CYBER ARMY =>

A Small Tribute to those Brave Soldiers who Laid their Precious Life for our Country and our People !!
I Really Pity u guys .. U dOnt have People like Jaywant Patil, Prakash More, Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte, Hemant Karkare and many mOre !!
So According to u .. Patriotism = War = Jihaad = Shit
One Person gives u bayaan on Jihaad and encourages you to kill people and says "ye sawaab ka kaam hai", "rizzak ka kaam hai" and you do sins even without thinking the consequences !!
May Allah Forgive People who do such sins without knowing the actual haraam thing they doing !! :|
We are Proud of People we have in India who are ready to deal with any such incidents !! Officers, Soldiers who are ready to die for their Motherland .. I wonder you have atleast one such? eh?
ahh..You guyz are fuckin buzy training people to be terrorists !! diverting their mindset !!

You Lamerz might have seen new members from Team Indishell Defacing ya Shit !! .. This is Called Dedication .. Passion .. Love for Country !!
Unlike You lamerz who Send terrorists to India and Kill Innocent People !!

To Admin ..!! :P
When We Are On Your Server is Gone ;)
This Thing Happens when u hire professionals with good marks and not with good brains !!

We Dont Sparkle Like Some KinG !! We Fuckinn SHINE !!

With FuCk FrOm :- -LuCkY , Ro0t_d3vil

Greets:- Team ICA , Team Indishell and All Indian Hackers ;)

Shouts:- -[SiLeNtp0is0n]- , Inx_ro0t , c0olt04d , Ne0h4ck3r , Atul Dwivedi and Rest of da Team ;)
If u Have Any Issues Kindly Contact our Ass Kicking Department at i_m.stranger@yahoo.com && ro0t_d3vil@yahoo.com


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