Two Chinese Govt Website Defaced

Angel_BD is in war with the Chinese..This time she took over two Chinese Govt website on which she has put the video of a two year old girl been killed by the Chinese and the following message :

Hacked for Humanity be Human and Please Behave like Human

Footage of a two-year-old girl being run over by a van and lying bleeding on the road as more than a dozen people pass her by has sparked outrage and soul searching in China. The video surveillance footage posted widely on Chinese social media sites starts with the young girl being hit by a van in a narrow street in Foshan city. Its driver stops for a short time before driving away, crushing the girl again beneath his rear wheels. She is left bleeding on the road as passersby walk or cycle around her. After the girl is hit by a second truck, a woman pulls her to the side of the road and her mother enters the shot. It has prompted fiery debate and anguished posts about the state of Chinese society.

The Video :


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