Private Detectives willing to Spy by Hacking Phones

As a result of BBC investigation of 12 agencies, they found 11 Private Detectives agenciesare willing to hack others phone .

One private investigator was willing to spy on her partner to check whether she have affair or not, told to BBC.

"You can fit on some phones a bug. It's a software programme that you build into the phone, so we would need access to your partner's phone for an hour or so We would put a bug on his phone that meant that every time he sent a text you'd get a copy," he said.

It comes after the scandal surrounding the hacking of phones of crime victims like Milly Dowler and celebrities by detectives hired by the now defunct News of the World.

The BBC said the practice was still widespread among some private investigators involved in the world of matrimonial disputes.

Seven agencies were willing to hack into the "husband's" mobile phone with one investigator, who said he was a former police officer, telling the reporter that all he needed was details of the IMEI or international security number he could keep track of their movements and calls.

Three quarters of Detectives willing to infect with spyware that will help to track the online conversations, it will logs your keystrokes or take screen shot.

Four were willing to 'blag' personal information by impersonating someone else over the telephone, something which is illegal.

It is an criminal offence to hack into someone's mobile phone or computer under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), Computers Misuse Act or Data Protection Act.

Mark Morris, a former Detective in the Computer Crime Unit at New Scotland Yard, and an expert in IT and the law, said the findings revealed a "cavalier" attitude towards the law among many in the profession.


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