Operation Brotherhood : Anonymous hacked Brotherhood sites with DDOS attack

Nov 11, The hacktivist group Anonymous hacked and take down several Muslim Brotherhood sites by launching the DDOS attack(started from friday evening). According to the Anonymous statement, the attack will continue until Friday,Nov 18,2011.

They take down the following sites:
  • ikhwanonline.com
  • ikhwanweb.com

They announced that they are going to hack those sites with operation named as "Operation Brotherhood" before few days.

The Brotherhood claimed in a statement released on Saturday morning that the attacks were coming from Germany, France, Slovakia and San Francisco in the US, with 2000-6000 hits per second.

According to the Muslim Brotherhood, the attacks began at 6pm on Friday against the group’s official website, Ikhwanonline, with 120 thousand hits per second. The hackers later escalated their attack on the site to 380 thousand hits per second.

Under the heavy attack of DDOS, 4 Muslim brotherhood sites take down temporarily. 


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